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❤️ Five days exploring and awakening the sensual power of your inner feminine

❤️ Join me inside a private Facebook group for 5 days of simple, yet juicy and powerful practices to get you out of your head and into your feeling, sensual, feminine pleasure body

❤️ Activating your felt senses to more aliveness

❤️ FREE!

The Sensual Woman

Yours to keep!

❤️ Feeling the heart connection to your feminine centres and your pleasure and life force

❤️ Five days of exploration and enquiry inside the group plus 2 Live Zoom calls 
(replay will be available)

Wed Mar 29, 8 pm
Thur Mar 30, 6 pm

SENSUAL is the interweaving of my Embodied Coaching and Fembodiment TM Method training.
My deep passion is supporting women to connect to themselves and to activate & cultivate their pleasure body as a pathway to an extraordinary life of joy and aliveness, guided by their inner compass. 

My clients speak of deep holding, gentle, slow & soft guiding, safety with armfuls of mama love AND sensual, feminine flow. 

I invite you to taste a new way of being by committing to YOU with a few simple practices that you can incorporate into your daily life, with ease, with play & with joy. 


Sue Abdilla

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