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Testimonials: Testimonials
Image by Pawel Czerwinski


“Sue’s deep potent mother holdings are where the depths of your truths are revealed and shaken. There is no hiding or denial of desires just full permission to let go!"


"Sue’s deep intuition and feminine wisdom guides me to a sacred place of trust and transformation every single time”


“What a gift it is to be taken on a journey of body self-discovery with steady holding, clear and soft presence” 


“An incredibly powerful session, yet so gentle. I feel a beautiful, gentle shift in my body, deeper within, a new awareness. That was an unexpected healing. Sue holds such beautiful, safe space”


“compassion & glowing openness….Sue’s alive sense of play & her lived experience of the work make her sessions both safe & accessible”


“Sue’s wild love and big warm mama heart is so soothing, like balm” 


“Being coached by Sue is like being held in a wide open space. She is intuitive, empathetic, and walks alongside you with genuine care. Her coaching style enables you to use your sovereignty to source the wisdom you need. She supports you in deep diving into your own depths and heaps you clear or celebrate you rise to the surface with” 

- A.R.

“Sue’s sessions helped me to gain confidence and trust in myself when stepping into becoming an artist. Her approach is gentle, deep and loving. All parts of me were welcomed and I also had the opportunity to dream and feel into the goodness of what I want to embody in my life."


“Deeply humbled to have been held so exquisitely” 


“Amazing, powerful and incredibly clever at weaving magical transformation” 


"The gracious way Sue holds such loving safe space is a true gift”


“so rewarding – I have a real sense of possibility and excitement for what this practice could bring to my life”


"So nourishing & supportive….every time I have a session with Sue, she holds my hand and takes me back home to myself” 


“I am floating as feminine me. I am breathing in so much more connection with my body - all of me. You are an incredible teacher” 


“I feel relaxed, peaceful & self-nurturing after the session” 


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