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The Sensual Woman

Awaken Your Feminine Fire

I see so many women, particularly in mid-life, completely lose their mojo and their connection to self. Over worked, over stressed, jaded by life and her pains, perhaps a few extra kilos, hormonal changes, family demands, societal conditioning, the list goes on - we as women can lose the ability to hear and trust our own inner knowing. In the roles we play, we can forget how to love, honour and nurture ourselves first and to source our own wisdom from this place. We put others first and in doing so, we deplete ourselves. We lose touch with ourselves and our own wants and needs or how to express them. 


       Do you feel numb or disconnected?

                Do you feel stuck in your head?

                           Do you hide your body?

                                     Do you hide your feelings?

                                                Your voice?

                                                         What you really want?

I was that woman, for a very long time. 


Pissed off with the world, pissed off even with those I love, because I felt unseen, unheard, not able to express myself and my needs, unable to hear my own inner voice above all the demands and expectations placed on me. 

Unable to be fully present with myself, to slow down enough to hear and feel the deepest longings, the deepest yearnings, my own needs. And so, I operated from a resentful, over thinking, over emotional, irrational state of being, 

I numbed, I seeked artificial highs, I didn’t like myself. 


How on earth could I love those dearest to me at full capacity from such a place? 

How could I honour my needs, speak my truth, hold my boundaries, stand in my sovereignty, in my own power and listen to my own inner voice from such a place? 

I didn’t for a very long time. 


I was miserable.


When I started on this journey, I realised that the power was within me, and I started to hear the whispers of my inner feminine,  and to honour her, and those whispers became a roar of wild love & every area of my life began to change.


I found my heart and love bigger and wilder than ever before

I found my primal fire & sensual and sexual life force 

I found my voice

I found myself

I found my power 


When a woman is open and activated in her own sensuality, she learns to know and to listen to herself. Unapologetic of her desires & truths; standing in her sovereignty, protective of her own energy and boundaries & in her full expression and her radiance. 


There is nothing more powerful than a woman in her feminine fire. 

A woman who is in touch with her own pleasure from a heart-centred connection to her primal life force and sexuality, senses alive and speaking loudly to her.

“You had the power all along, my dear”

- The Wizard of Oz

This course isn’t just about awakening sensuality for better sex (although absolutely that is part of it), this course will show you a new way of BEING that will permeate across EVERY area of your life…… turned on, radiant, vibrant, juicy aliveness fanned by the flames of your feminine fire.



6 Week Online Group Journey 

Course content draws from the Fembodiment™ Methodology and my own experiences & practices


What You Can Expect

  • Guided somatic foundation-setting in Safety, Centering, and finding Home in the body

  • Body Opening Practice

  • Exploration of Conscious touch

  • Guided Sensual Energy activation

  • Beautiful breast exploration & practice

  • Bringing your inner Feminine & Masculine into alignment

  • Bringing brain chemistry and activation to body sensitivity & pleasure to awaken sensuality.


This journey is a gentle exploration and incorporates breath and energy work, guided meditations & practices, movement, conscious touch & senses exploration, intentionality, self-enquiry, curiosity, sharing, journaling and homework practice.

What’s Included

  • 6 weekly, 2 hour online sessions via zoom – Wednesday nights 7.30pm to 9.30pm

  • A private facebook group for sharing, discussion & integration in between sessions

  • Worksheets & journal prompts

  • Recordings of guided practices & meditations to use in-between sessions & to keep

  • A curated playlist of music used throughout the course

The Sensual Woman

Investment: $597

*Afterpay also available


If you have questions about this course please get in touch via 


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