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The fundamental principle of this coaching style is that we are not our thoughts & feelings. We are something much deeper than that. Call it our essence, our soul, our spirit. My support allows you to connect, envision, embody and take action from this place to create a life of flow and ease that is aligned with your deepest soul desires and truths that live deep in your body.


Supporting women to activate and cultivate sexual energy to fuel all areas of your life as a woman deeply in touch with your pleasure. Drawing on teachings in mindful self- pleasure practices, energy work and breath work. Taught through guided embodiment, meditative practices, erotic intelligence, women's anatomy of arousal, and ancient Tantra and Tao wisdom.

Coaching and Programmes

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Wild Love Embodied Woman

Click for more information and to book your spot.


The Sensual Woman

Click for more information and to book your spot.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Client Testimonials

“I feel relaxed, peaceful & self-nurturing after the session”

- Jane

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