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Your Life Designed By Your Desires

Hi, I’m Sue,


I’m a trained Embodiment Coach as well as a Certified and registered Fembodiment™️ Method Facilitator.

My passion and my joy is to lead women home to themselves…..


A place in your body that feels like home as a woman. 

A place that feels like your truth as a woman. 

A place that is powerful AF when you know how to activate it.

I guide women to these places. 

To love, compassion and acceptance of self and others. 

To being deeply rooted in heart and eros connection. 

To embody the wildest of love.

To cultivate and embody sensuality & sexuality.

To activate overflowing rivers of life force energy.


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“Just outside the cages is a land of ecstasy so boundless, it’s hard to describe. Let’s free ourselves and each other” 

- Layla Martin

Pink flower

Have you lost your fire?

Your wild love?

Your sense of who you truly are as a woman?


Do you want to feel more sensuality?

To feel truly alive?

Fully expressed?

Fully YOU?


Do you want to learn to trust yourself and your feminine intuition? 

To be in touch with your own body, to be fierce around your boundaries and your values, and to feel your sensuality and sexuality?


To feel wild love and wild freedom in all areas of your life?

Freedom To Be Fully You

I see women stuck in the cages of societal conditioning in so many areas of their lives……

Women who have lost their spark. 

Lost their fire. 

Their sensuality.

Women who have depleted themselves by giving and giving and people pleasing, because somewhere along the way, they were taught that their needs should come second. 


As wives, lovers, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, somewhere along the way, their giving in these roles became their identity. And in these roles and expectations, these women lost their sense of self. Women who feel shame around their sexuality, or that they are too much, too sensitive, too emotional, too loud, too expressed. So they learnt to shut down from their very essence as a woman, their feminine fire.

It is that very ‘too muchness’ of feeling it all, your true essence, that will set you free to be a splendid creature of the feminine realms; playing in her garden of her desires and matters of the heart, passionately languishing and luxuriating in her deep knowing of who she truly is - in touch with her inner feminine wisdom, unapologetic in her desires and her self-expression.

In Your Divine Feminine


"I am floating as feminine me. I am breathing in so much more connection with my body - all of me. You are an incredible teacher."


"With Wild Love in my heart and womb, I give you permission to claim your deepest longings and desires, until you are brave enough, strong enough, embodied enough to give that permission to yourself."

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Girl fire dancing

Wild Love

Wild Love for me speaks of a deep connection and devotion to self, of full expression and of overflowing currents of life force.

Of a heart ferocious in her capacity to give & receive love. 

A heart that loves wildly, truly, madly, deeply.

A heart that is connected to womb wisdom and sexuality. 

A heart that listens to the song of the Divine Feminine wisdom within.


To be Wild Love is to be so deeply grounded in your own body, that when your feminine essence sings her song of her longings, her yearnings, her deepest desires, you hear. And then you bow to her in devotion, and you follow……


Wildly, Truly, Madly, Deeply 

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